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August 26, 2006

Go Read This...

Thanks to Instapundit, I ended up here trying to unwind after several trips around the country when most of you are asleep.

I'm not posting much anymore 'cause I don't have too many profound thoughts and feel it's fairly rude to impose on people--I'm smart enough to know my limitations and to just keep quiet and watch...usually.

But this struck a chord--one that resonates and one that pretty much nails the hearts of darkness that beat in this country today. The link is a monster fisking, or more accurately, the fisking of a monster.

The victim wants people to die so his political party will be brought into power.

As I read it, images of my daughter flashed through my head; images of my country, so vast and beautiful from 35,000 feet on a summer afternoon or quiet early morning, full of the people I have served and am still serving in another capacity today who only want to be left alone, raise their kids, love their spouses, honor their country and worship their God. And this man wants them hurt (his attempts to deny ring hollow in the extreme)--enough at least so that the survivors will put people in power with whom he agrees.

Any volunteers? How about your wife? Your child?

God help the Democrat Party. God help us. God help him.

P.S. It wasn't a mistake that I filed this under "Citizenship."

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