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August 20, 2006

The spammers flex and adapt quickly, don't they?

Hot Stock Issue!
Im sure you have all heard of the war going on in Lebanon. The United States plans on rebuilding Lebanon just as they are doing in Iraq. But to do this they need to provide an American construction company with a large $700 Million contract, so that they may rebuild Lebanon and repair the damage Hezbollah has created.
With this in mind, we would like to present a
company poised for a $700 Million contract from the US Government.
Symbol: CBAY.OB
Current Price: $0.20
2-3 Month Target Price: $5.95
Support your country so that we may enjoy home security,
Fight Terrorism, Support our troops. Support CBAY
A Big PR campaign Has just Begun!
How Will it react starting TODAY
* You May want to Act Quick *

Cal-Bay, Inc. is a diversified Real Estate investment company focused on exploiting the vast opportunities that come with real estate. With a strong management and technical team, Cal-Bay International will apply innovative technologies towards the discovery and development of a diverse portfolio of high value, low risk real estate projects. The company is in a position to do great things.

***Why we believe CBAY is a Winner***

Cal-Bay International will be receiving a $700 Million contract from the US Government, with a company with a market cap of 2.67M this will send the CBAY price to dramatically increase, this news will be released this week, so use this information to your advantage.
The time to get in on this is Now! Once these
small companies start moving, they appreciate

Please Watch this one trade all week!
And please Support Our beautiful Country,
and support our troops.

Note: The Armorer does *not* endorse this ad, nor does he recommend you act on it - I have absolutely no idea about the accuracy (nor do I care, for the purposes of this post) of the information - though I have my doubts, eh?. I just find it... bemusing.