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August 18, 2006


As in, "I said, 'SIT!'--not 'Assume a good prone firing position...' "

Meet Scruple-In-Training Toby, who's technically not a scruple because he has a genuine owner.


However, said genuine owner claimed he was absolutely impossible to train, so KtLW volunteered the services of the local Dog Whisperer--me.

After a week of Basic, he heels like a champ, fetches, comes-sits-flops-stays on command and is totally housebroken (except for an early misunderstanding about the purpose of a throw-rug).

Welllll, he does it for *me*, anyway. She's still having problems with him 'cuz I haven't told her The Secret of Consistent Obedience--in other words, just *what* it is I whisper into the little tyke's ear...

"Hellooooo, puppy, puppy, puppy! Aren't you a little cutie! Guess what--we're gonna play a game: I'll tell you to do something and then you do it or I'll kill you."

Heh. Works every time...