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August 15, 2006

Morning chow in the Guard's Mess.

The soldier's day is run by the bugle. Not so much now as back in the day, but here are times to be places and do things, and calls to regulate and announce those activities.

Consequently, the soldiery tend to become creatures of habit. One of things I like about working on post is Retreat, when they sound To The Colors, fire the cannon, and lower the flag to the sound of Retreat. I'm one of those guys who doesn't hang around the entrance to the building, waiting for all it all be over so I won't have to do the Parade Rest, Attention, Salute stuff. I *like* rendering honors. But that's just me.

Castle Argghhh! is no different. We don't have the bugle calls, but we do have our Sergeant Major Barnacle, whose voice might as well be a bugle. And 0530, precisely, is when Mess Call sounds and the Interior Guard heads to the Mess for breakfast before scattering back to their duties or naps.

Interior Guard at Mess

Center bottom: Private First Class Gandalf

Next up pod of three, l to r:
Sergeant First Class Cleo
Sergeant Major Barnacle
Private Hal

Next pod of three, all bunched up, l to r:
Private Little Orphan Annie
Sergeant Rest Stop
Empress Little Girl (She Rulez the Castle)

Off by his lonesome to the upper right:
Private First Class Meriwether

(that's SWWBO's new kitchen floor she mostly laid herself, btw!)

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