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August 12, 2006

That whatzis, answered.

Okay, I was mean with that one. Starting with this, and then posting this unhelpful help.

But ya perservered, finally, with Chris and Trias getting it to a land mine.

It's a British No. 6 Anti-personnel mine.

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I hesitate to say this... it's 7.5 inches long, which will no doubt encourage... oh never mind. Now that Mike L can see the whole thing, he's laughing his butt off!

There *is* at least one reference to it on the web (two, now).

Developed during WWII as a low-metal, hard-to-detect anti-personnel mine, it's made of bakelite, and the only iron/steel in it is the safety ring. The legacy of the No 6 lives on in the Canadian Elsie mine (which is smaller, harder to detect and, like the No.6 pretty much just blows your foot off) which anti-mine intellectuals hate, and embarasses the Canadian elites. I was wondering if the Maple Syrup Contingent would catch on to that hint.

They got the idea from the Germans, who had their own little hard-to-detect blow-off-your-foot mine.

Gotta admit, while mines like this might be effective, they *are* a curse on the battlefield when the war is over, or at least has moved on, and that does need to be a consideration in mine employment - unfortunately, mines like this are most likely to be used by people who are also the least likely to generate and maintain accurate documentation of where they put their mines...