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August 11, 2006

Where's Ry?

Gollum is homeless.

First, no, Jess did not get fed up with me and toss me out on my keister. Okay, the funny is out of the way)

Yes, we've been homeless for the last 3 days. A fire struck our apt building and ravaged it severely enough it needs to be torn down.

Most importantly Jess is perfectly fine. I'm okay, just short sleep. Luckily, all our stuff is okay, if a bit smelly(most of it really isn't that bad). We just don't have a place to live until the management fix up another apt in the complex for us to move into---late Wed, maybe Thurs (oi, my achin' back. Guess who has to manhandle all the furniture solo?)..

The alcoholic arsehole who started the blaze died (sniff, tear, reverent pause with hands folded and head lowered.. Then gives the Finger.) Idjit actually slammed the door and locked it in the face of a neighbor who tried to save him, denying that there was a fire and claiming he was all right. You'd have been somewhat saddened. He was a gun collector. Quite a few firearms were blackened (thought I saw at least one WW1 era German bolt action rifle, no idea of authenticity, that was fire blackened) and a vintage looking saber. Enough stuff to overflow the trunk of a police cruiser. Rumor was he had a few de-milled grenades of various kinds. If you want to try and get something cheap as a fixer upper you might want to contact the Lafayette, Indiana Police Dept.

But we're fine. All our stuff is fine (if a bit smelly). Others were not so lucky. One very nice woman who is in the midst of putting her life back together, and struggling at it too, lost everything but her drivers license and the clothes on her back. Another kid who'd just graduated almost didn't make it out and everything he owned but a metal table on his porch, including quite a bit of historical research and antiques, were turned to ash and slag.

So, if anyone wants to get tight with Sky Boss a fiver to the local Salvation Army and Red Cross (who came in like gang busters) who are helping her immensely might look good in His eyes. We don't need it, but others do. Jess and I don't need anyone's prayers right now. But others definitely do.

I blame WereSib for talking about her fear of fires. I think Ol' Scratch's aim was off by about 400 miles or so.

We're fine. Really, we're fine. Be back ankle biting, annoying people, and stinkin' up the Castle in a few days. Just letting you know what's going on. And I'll get you some of the pictures I promised soon too.


I'm not saddened about some fire-damaged firearms and other artifacts. I'm saddened this individual's demons nominated him for the Darwin Award and displaced so many people.

One less Mauser in the world is insignificant. A World Without Gollum... well, that would be a gray place, and not just for Jess. We wouldn't want to see the dancing at the in-laws...