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August 09, 2006

Ah, the Primaries.

The Primary Monster has spoken.

McKinney is out (Yay!). Seems she went down fighting, so to speak.

Lieberman is now an Independent. That will be interesting to watch this fall. The Kossacks have finally conducted a successful ideological purity pogrom. Wonder how that will play out in the General? Primaries are the province of the passionate voter. Low turnouts give them their best chance to shape the candidates. I believe one reason that our politicians don't always seem to really reflect the electorate is because the electorate, through low turnout in the primaries, allows the passionately committed to choose the candidates, which pushes to the extremes. The old "run to the left/right" in the Primary, "run to the center" in the General. That didn't matter as much in the day of the "smoke filled room" when the party machinery was essentially selecting the candidates... but it sure makes a difference now. On both sides of the aisle. This isn't a Right/Left thing. Be interesting to see how the Democrats of Connecticut decide this November. Zuniga is certainly acting the Kingmaker this morning, however - demanding the Lieberman be stripped of his committee assignments, etc. Careful the effects of the echo chamber on the ego, Markos. One reason I try to hold on to my Contrarian Corps is they make you think. You just metaphorically shoot yours.

John Podhoretz looks at it this way:

"The weird little secret of the past couple of years is that when push comes to shove, Democrats in Washington have assented to the continuation of the war on Bush's terms...That's over now. The Democratic Party officially became the antiwar party last night."

We'll see in November, eh?

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