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August 08, 2006

Gun Blogger Rendevous.

The Arsenal of Argghhh!'s French Chassepot needlegun.

A note from Mr. Completely:

The Gun Blogger Rendezvous is only a couple of months away, and registration for the dinner is way below what it needs to be. I haven't got a head count in front of me, but it's about a dozen people total, near as I remember. I think what's needed is for two or three of the big high-profile bloggers to commit to be there, and then have then make a big splash on their blog about it, so others will join in. You and Murdoc have been great slipping in a plug here and there and it's really appreciated, and a couple of other bloggers have been great too, but it's just not getting the job done. I'm just failing badly on getting the word out and encouraging folks to attend. So far I've got range time lined up, hospitality rooms for Friday and Saturday night, discount room rates, a Saturday night banquet with an outstanding guest of honor, and Reno itself as an attraction. The Rendezvous has all the stuff to be a fantastic weekend, and it's going to be fun anyway even if only a small group attend, but it ought to be a slam dunk to get 50 or 60 folks at a minimum, I'd think. KOS got over a thousand moonbats into Las Vegas earlier this year, you'd think between mil and gun bloggers we ought to be able to get 5% of that to a Gun Blogger Blogfest!
Reno, Nevada October 6th., 7th., and 8th at the Circus Circus Hotel.

Otay - serious question here, gun nutz: what's it gonna take to get you guys to go? Help a brother out here. Venue, cost, timing, who gives a fark? So far, every blogfest I've attended has been worth the effort of getting there... what will it take to get some of you guys there?

SWWBO and I *like* Reno, it's a beautiful place, and Lake Tahoe is an hour away. I've got a client deliverable to work around - but as of right now, we intend to be there.

The Arsenal of Argghhh!'s Portuguese Kropatschek rifle.