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August 08, 2006

Extreme Makeover - Beirut Edition...

Either this woman is the unluckiest multiple home owner in Beirut, or omething isn't quite right.

Read the whole thing here, at Drinking From Home.

Snerk. More evidence of unbiased journalism on subjects Mideastern. Nope - I'm not saying the MSM is actively colluding/doing this. They have their publishing deadlines and competetive pressures, and most editors couldn't tell you what yesterday's stories were, much less that this chick is appearing in all the pictures. Nope. Just like we bloggers, they take what they're given, especially if they don't have their own employees on the ground in the area. And, like we bloggers, if the story is supportive of a narrative they conciously or unconciously identify with - they aren't going to look too closely. Dan Rather anyone?

The bigger question it raises is... lordy lordy who *can* we trust with the news anymore? Many blogs have the same problem, don't fool yourselves. It's an important question... like it or no, your personal approach to the news notwithstanding, most people rely on the news to provide a filter function to weed this kind of thing out. Sigh. An inability to trust the "public information flow" does serious damage to open society's ability to engage in informed decision making.

Heh. I provided a *lot* of straight lines in there, didn't I?

H/t, LindaSOG via SWWBO.