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August 04, 2006

3 Things meme, continued.

If the following makes no sense to you - look over in the left sidebar for the "Search This Site" box (right below the Raging RINO's logo) and type in "Carborundum". Start at the bottom, read up.

BCR, when responding to the 3 Things meme, tagged Carborundum, Bill's Guardian Angel.

He's slow to respond, but he did. His answers are in the Flash Traffic/Extended Entry.
Heh. Carborundum tagged Ghengis Khan, Prester John, and Effluvius. I'd like to hear *their* responses, too!

Three things that scare me
-Tuttle, awake
-Tuttle, asleep
-Tuttle in any state other than completely anesthetized and in a body cast

Three people who make me laugh
I forget, I haven't laughed since I got this job.

Three things I hate the most
-the Wright brothers

Three things I don't understand
-humans. You are MORTAL! Stop doing things that can kill you!
-cats. They can see us, you know. They just don't care.
-time-share condos

Three things I'm doing right now
-this meme
-reading "Chicken Soup for the Celestial Soul"
-moulting (it's a stress thing)

Three things I want to do before I die

Three things I can do
-a triple glide loop
-curse in Aramaic
-keep Tuttle alive (so far ...)

Three ways to describe my personality

Three things I can't do
-remember what I did to get me put on this detail
-jump rope without cheating

Three things I think you should listen to
-your mother
-your conscience
-your insurance adjuster

Three things you should never listen to
-strangers offering candy
-peace activists that threaten you with violence

Three favorite foods
-double-stuf Oreos

Three things I'd like to learn
-how to train spiders to stalk Tuttle
-a quadruple glide loop
-what the words to "Louie, Louie" mean

Three shows I watched
None, really. We get really bad reception up here. Mostly "I Love Lucy" reruns, and I don't. Love Lucy, I mean.

Three people I'm tagging
-Ghengis Khan
-Prester John