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July 29, 2006

This being the day it is...

... here's something for the Denizennes.

I'll see if we can't talk the Mexicans into letting us have one of these (hey, they've got *several* of them...) I think it would make a good Choklit Cannon for the Inner Bailey.

Today will be spent with Ward and a Navy diver diving the ship to get a visual of her hull, rudder, and screws.

The rest of us will be crawling through tight spaces making sure nothing heavy is loose, or valuable and fragile (like light fixtures) are laying around loose and breakable.

Ward Brewer inspecting the aft boiler of the Rodgers

Most of my day will be taking apart (and photographing same) the Fire Control computer on the Gearing - identical to the one on the Rodgers. I don't think we'll get it out (much less reassemble it) in a usable fashion - but there's no reason to send the computer to the bottom with the Quetzalcoatl when she assumes her final duty as a reef in November.