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July 22, 2006

Note to Em Hunter.

Ms. Hunter.

You searched in vain for evidence of your father's impact on the world?

"There was no evidence of his life work."

Heh. In most respects that is true for all of us. Very few, comparatively, are going to have a highly visible legacy. Which is okay - all that ego-driven striving gets tedious after a while. Take a look around West Virginia... can you drive for 20 minutes there and not know who the senior Senator is?

But let's get serious here.

You can't find evidence of your father's "Life work?"

What? Are there no mirrors in your home?

There are three things I try to be (though rarely achieve).

1. Be the person our dogs think I am.
2. Be a person my parents aren't ashamed of.
3. Be the husband and father SWWBO and Prodigal Son deserve (which is really simply a summation of 1&2).

Everything else is gravy.