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July 21, 2006

Israel vs Hezbollah.

Compare and contrast.

The Israelis are dropping leaflets encouraging residents of rocket storage areas (read: Legal Targets) to leave the area - a tactic that has been working. Yes, homes are being destroyed - homes in and about where Hezbollah has stored weapons in contravention of the rules everybody expects Israel to follow, but, well, it's okay for Hezbollah to store their stuff where ever they want.

Hezbollah's response is to attempt to force people to stay in the area. Hezbollah *loves* those collateral civilian deaths. *LOVES* them.

As a part of their military response, does Hezbollah launch rockets at Israeli troop and materiel targets that are concentrated in range?

No. They launch at cities.

But the MSM and the Usual Suspects in Euroland are focused on Israeli behavior (all in all, a behavior consistent with international convention) and seemingly dismiss Hezbollah's behavior.

One could almost stomach that if it was couched in terms of "You (the Israelis) are adults, Hezbollah are children, and we're going to have to deal with the adults..." Except they demand we treat Hezbollah as adults, but don't extend any accountability for adult behavior.

Here's a PowerPoint Show making the rounds of Hezbollah rocket attacks on Haifa. No, I'm not going to put up any balancing pics of damage in Lebanon. Go visit any MSM outlet and you can find all you need.

Right click here and "Save As" please, for the PPS from Lenny.