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July 21, 2006

This is where...

...your Project Valour-IT money goes.

Wounded warriors like Corporal Jonathan Benson, detailed there by our own Fuzzybear Lioness.

Corporal Johnathan Benson's injuries are even more serious than those that Joey Bozik has miraculously overcome. Cpl. Benson was wounded by an IED just over one month ago and is coping with a stunning level of physical trauma. He has lost his right foot, his left arm and left leg up into and including the left side of his pelvis, his left kidney and part of his intestines. Complications include failure of his remaining kidney.

However, he is now awake and communicative. He's scheduled to receive a Valour-IT laptop and the Soldiers' Angels Wounded Team is making him a special project. But he is not "out of the woods" yet and will need a vast amount of support, appreciation and encouragement as he copes with his new physical reality and tackles the recovery process.

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Just sayin'. All y'all have given a lot to Project Valour-IT, I just wanted you to know that there actually is a result to that.

And that the need continues.