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July 20, 2006


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Trias, in commenting on this post downstream, said:

The reporter won I think. Wanted to show the military as unfeeling and uncaring (a fear many liberals have) and succeeded.

Really. The reporter won. Gad, if the reporter won, now you know why most of us don't really want to talk to them.

As if it was a fair fight, but that's a different story.

So, Trias, what you would have then is us breaking in down in tears all the time, wracked with anguish? Rending our clothing, scratching our eyes out?

That would actually help? It would *improve* the net result of the interview?

Or, at least, we have to sit there and take this inane crap that we're just inhuman monsters, oblivious to all human feeling.

What could he possibly have done differently? Do please elaborate on how that should have gone to make you think I'm all warm and cuddly.

Because I am. Except when I need to be hard as nails. You don't want to see me with my game face on, Trias, trust me. But that's exactly me being what you pay me and any Digger to be, when we need to be that.

The big farking huge difference between you and I Trias, is that I bloody well know what it's like out there. My father even moreso. And I know that it is impossible to fight like this in cities, near cities, almost anywhere but the Western Desert Campaign in Cyrenaica in 1942 to fight, at all, without innocents getting caught in it.

And we (and the Israelis) have been spending billions and risking lives to minimize what can't be eliminated.

And yet - without intending it I'm sure - you blithely and rhetorically lump us in the same group as those who literally aim for cities. Not for point targets in cities where we believe there are military targets (which means, by the way, under the Conventions, that we can farking well shoot at them if the military value of the target justifies it) even if there are non-combatants present. Because guess what - it's the responsibility of the OTHER FARKING SIDE to not hide their stuff among the civilians - and under the Conventions, *they* are the violators.

The relative precision of single round/single bomb attacks is a world of difference from the barrage that opened the Battle of the Somme, than the bombing of Guernica, or Coventry or the firebombing of Dresden and Tokyo. If the Israelis were just systematically leveling Beirut, the "proportional response types would have an argument. As it is - despite their appalling lack of understanding of what the Conventiions actually say - they don't have an argument.

If Hezbollah was wearing a recognizable uniform (a simple armband would count) and were firing rockets in the general direction of Israeli troop concentrations, airbases, artillery, military installations, ammo depots, etc - they would be conducting themselves IAW the Conventions. But they aren't, are they? They are dressing like the locals, hiding among the locals, and launching rockets at civilian targets...

Because this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, don't matter. Not just because one perceived "Aw Shit" wipes the "Attaboys" away, but because you never see those pictures. They aren't news. They aren't hard to find, really, if you know where to look - but you have to know. They aren't routinely shown you, are they? They aren't news.

And because an Israeli artilleryman chose to explain that he carefully selects his targets, ensures his lay is accurate, keeps his MET up to date, levels his bubbles and uses his gunner's quadrant, while shooting at legitimate military targets - and points out the other guy does none of these things, you rhetorically lump him in the same general category.

No, I didn't say explicitly - I just ran with the logical thrust of what you did choose to say.

In other words, I just did to you what you did to that Israeli.

How's it feel?

BTW - if you think, based on that little snippet I posted and your media-driven impression of soldiers as insensitive and uncaring, you don't *even* want to hang out with cops, firemen, paramedics and emergency room personnel.

We're all brutal, especially among ourselves. It's a coping mechanism.

Yet, in the main, we'll risk dying for you.

Reconcile that.