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July 20, 2006

Temper, the keeping of.

A comment by John the Baptist on this post:

I used to teach in a Jewish high school, and some of my former students are in the IDF or reserves. Please pray for the peace of Israel and His chosen people - all I keep picturing this week is the sight of those terribly young faces that used to grace my classroom now walking patrol.

On a related note, one of the MSM "news" shows tonight had an interview with an American from Detroit in the IDF (a redleg, John!), and the *&*%*^%^ reporter carefully guided the interview to a question about what he thought about his artillery rounds killing six-year old little girls. He stayed far calmer than I did (oops, down one more TV...), but did make a short speech about how careful they are with target selection and the general nature of war, and then noted, "Where do you think Hezbollah is aiming?"