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July 19, 2006

Snerk! Given the meaning of the word "engagement" in a military sense... was amusing to receive this email:

Hello from CentCom's Electronic-Media Engagement Team (E-MET)


As of this week, the U.S. Central Command Public Affairs E-MET has switched hands. The mission of the previous group has been handed to us, and we look forward to corresponding with you throughout the year, getting press releases and news items from CENTCOM’s Area of Responsibility straight to your inboxes.

If you should have any questions of us concerning CENTCOM or press releases, feel free to contact us. We are:

1LT Anthony D.
SPC Patrick Z.
SPC Chris E.

Thanks for your time,

Spc. Chris E.
Electronic Engagement Team
U.S. Central Command Public Affairs

I stripped out the last names and emails. Should you want to get on their list, drop me a note or sign-up on the CENTCOM website. No reason to make 'em spam-magnets! These guys are a little more active in the email news release than the last group was...

(That's a good thing, guys)

Now, if they'd like to engage the NYT,, you may commence firing!