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July 17, 2006

Reading the tea leaves...

SWWBO and I have been off vacationing, and that meant, vacationing...

We're back. I've been catching up on the news.

Israeli M109 155mm howitzer at work

It looks to me like the Israelis have been isolating the battlefield. Sealing off the sea approaches, cratering Beirut Int'l runways, destroying key bridges on the flanks.

Trying to minimize the ability of Hezbollah to get reinforced or resupplied.

Or to run.

It looks like the Israelis are going to send in the infantry and armor.

I would guess they intend to do some serious damage to Hezbollah, and capture some of those 10K (minus a couple hundred fired-so-far) rockets Hezbollah is reputed to have. And probably hope that the Syrians try to do something about it, though I doubt anyone on the Israeli General Staff would mind if the Syrians stayed out of it.

Tough patch of dirt to do that in - but the Israelis have *much* better intel in the region than we've ever had anywhere, which will help.