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July 15, 2006

The Travels of Argghhh! Pac Norwest Edition, Day 2.

Yesterday the Master and Mistress of Argghhh! awoke groggily and stumbled to the cafe for breakfast. Then, we turned ourselves over to the Tour Guides of Argghhh!, Seattle edition, in the form of Bad Cat Robot.

I am required by Seattle City Ordinance and Washington State Law to aver that all these photographs have been Photoshopped to include blue sky and fluffy clouds. The weather here has been miserable, grey, dank, and rainy (okay, you can put the pistol away, 'k? It's leaving a mark on my neck!)

I suffered the odd feeling of being the least-geeky person present as our day opened with - a trip to Fry's Electronics where SWWBO and BCR giggled their way through the store. SWWBO bought a Borg-egg, the littlest 2 gig MP3 player, FM Radio, Clock Podcasting device I've ever seen. The coos and aahs in that aisle during the selection process were... treacly. It was embarrassing.

After that - off to Alki Beach, where no one was having any fun. Nope. None at all. All the pallid, dull-eyed inmates of the Seattle area were simply going about their dull, dreary lives, living in this man-made hell, where it's so dank, wet and dreary that not only does moss grow on roofs, trees do.

We did visit Pike Place market where we heard Chinese music, met oddly dressed people, were crushed in the crowds - but did meet one inmate who had her priorities straight.

After a nap, it was time to head north of Seattle, where we entered a world lit only by fire, rather maniacally tended by Sergeant B and BCR. The northern Outpost of Argghhh! in the area has a Shed of Doom, where BCR and SWWBO did some treasure hunting. After that, the pahty [sic] moved to the Cutest House, where Adjutant Brab met us at the door.

After some Cluebat deliveries and an gifting of things to Princess Crabby (She Who Traveled the Most to Attend) the 'Ritamatic was fired up and the pahty [sic] moved to the Library of the Cutest House.

Little more will be said of this, as Terrible Oaths were sworn to preserve secrecy.

I'll just leave you with this - which might lead you down a speculative path...

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Today, the Denizens of Argghhh! and other Milbloggers will be let loose in the streets... armed. Many are the circle-printed pieces of paper that will suffer this day, I assure you.