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July 11, 2006


Yes, I know about the video. No, I'm not going to watch it or link to those who have it. Truth? My own little slice of perspective-driven truth? It's not news any more. The fact that our opponents in the Middle East hack off heads for malicicious, sadistic, makes 'em funny-in-the-pants terroristic purposes is not news. And an orgy about it in the blogosphere and MSM adds nothing to the debate but ups the Google count for those sites hosting the video, linking to it, etc - and spreads the message-by-proxy. I did do Nick Berg. That was then, this is now. Does it truly inform us of anything? If you needed that to buck up your flagging resolve, your resolve isn't a core value. Hey, your mileage may differ, and if you need to see the video, Google will point you there.

This is *not* the criticism of those sites linking/hosting the video you might think. From a conventional perspective it's still news, and it's new because they're American soldiers, and at least one of those sites has established itself as a serious source for this kind of information. But I'm not jumping onto that bandwagon which will be covered by others and I have nothing new to offer.

The leadership in the box now has a fresh challenge - keeping the lid on the troops, keeping 'em focused, and making sure we have no acts of vengeance, carried out in the heat of the moment, involving innocents. Always a challenge for the junior leader in combat, moreso with something like this to fuel the flames.

Like it or no, frustrating or not, we need to maintain our discipline, ruck up, and soldier on - as professionals.

And I'm sure we will.

Lastly, this result needs to inform the Courts Martial of those soldiers whose actions seemingly sparked this event, if that connection can be made with evidentiary rigor. Not in the guilt or innocence phase - but in the punishment phase.

Actions have consequences - and the unintended ones are as much a part of it as the intended ones.

And this in no way excuses the perpetrators of these acts of desecration.

Here at Castle Argghhh! we will remember Privates First Class Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker as soldiers, not news fodder.

PFC Kristian MenchacaPFC Thomas Tucker

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