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July 07, 2006

A Firearms Whatziss!

Why not? You guys have been working hard on all the obscure stuff.

Not that this isn't obscure, in it's way.

Your first instinct is probably wrong.

The usual questions: Who used it, what is the whole item (not just the closeup portion), etc.

It's on the net, in several places, too - not a complete cypher.

Update: Okay, John S, the gun dealer who *sold* me the rifle, gets it correct.

Rifle, Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfield, No 1 Mk V. An experimental rifle that led to the No. 4 Mk1 of WWII fame.

Fuller view of the receiver here.

Hi Dbie!  How're ya doon?

This is the rifle that usually holds the rifle-mounted barbed wire cutter. Which it *never* did in service I might add - I just have more stuff to stick on my No. 1's than I have rifles...

Jim B's crack about Australia is actually on the mark - many of these rifles *did* find their way to Australia - this one did. It sits in a No 1 Mk III stock (incorrect for the rifle, technically - the Mk V had an extra reinforcing band and one-piece upper handguard) marked to the New South Wales police.