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July 06, 2006

Like I leave the keys laying around...

In the comments to the H&I Post below, Jim B, former Marine, Erudite Edumacator, and Bogey-man of Argghhh opines thusly:

Well as usual I have a keen eye for detail (yea right ususlly I classify things like this; If you can't eat it drink it or take it to bed with you what good is it?)

I noticed the Militaria Bar of Argghh, and the Booze Vessels of Argghh, and noted there was no Scoresby present. Therefore on future trips to the land of Argghh (yes Dorothy there is an Argghh) I will be compelled to brink [sic] the official Scoresby hip flask with me. Which is, of course and empied [sic] out plastic bottle that formerly contained Sprite.

Snerk. Looks like it's well-used, too.

1. I don't leave the keys laying around for Denizens to find. If I did, it would be the Empty Liquor Cabinet of Argghhh!

2. We've not yet felt compelled to light the Jim B. Grail Beacon. Close, but you've not *quite* dropped out of sight.

3. Just to make you feel more comfortable, I will send Ry up the High Tower to light the Beacon.

There. Go behind the Curtain into the Flash Traffic/Extended Entry and see what awaits.

Pic taken all of 30 seconds after Jim left his comment.

The Jim B. Grail Beacon

That's a *glass* bottle, too. Not the cheap plastic ones they use now. You may thank the Father of the Mistress of Argghhh! for that provisioning.