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June 30, 2006

Whatziss for the smarty-pantsed crowd.

This isn't as unfair as it looks.

1. It's been mentioned on this site, in conjunction with these kinds of posts, within living memory, even of those of you who slay brain cells with alcohol with reckless abandon.

2. It's been pictured on this site, in other contexts.

3. It's about 1/3 the size it appears to be in the pic.

C'mon, impress me!

Go ahead, impress me.

Oh, here. A hint.

Update: Okay, Monteith got it. Striker spring for the Mills bomb (this one a No 5). Was hazarded as a guess on this post, is seen here with the striker, and has been viewed before (in context) in this pic.

Okay. That was an easy one. Let's continue the adventure. Tomorrow I'll put up something a little more challenging.