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June 28, 2006

Acidman sings...

...for those who never met Rob, or heard him sing, I'm hosting a song sent me by a friend of his.

John, Jen (Jinxie, from Ala's) sent me an audio clip of Acidman singing and playing guitar. It's a strange song, about his ex breaking up with her new boyfriend, and him telling her she can "come home anytime", but I like it, and the music itself is very nice. Anyway.... Jen sent it to me to pass on to you. I think you'll like it too. Dbie

1. Do *not* hotlink this file. Link the post.

2. Do my server a favor and "right click and save as", save it to your machine and play it locally. Your quality will be better, my server will be happier. If you don't know how to do that, you should learn how just as a matter of politesse!

Okay, The Armorer's Stern Warnings® haven been given - I give you Rob Smith...

Acidman sings.

Update: From the comments, LoopyLibertarian of Chromed Curses adds:

This was originally posted by Lil Toni who was sent the file by Rob's good friend Catfish. I just want to acknowledge them for bringing this music to us.

Update II. Heh. (Looks at Trackbacks) I finally got linked by Acidman. Now *that's* reach, folks.

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