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June 24, 2006

Here's a question for you.

Damian wanted to know what I thought about this. (Alan, you'll like the beer ad in Damian's post, I think)

I told him. I find a definition so broad that it includes me is meaningless. Another guitar smashed against the wall.

I can cherry-pick all of the arguments about any war ever undertaken. I feel his oh-so-strongly-felt angst. And where was he during Kosovo, and what were his opinions then? I find that instructive, usually. And I find any definition of chickenhawk that can stretch to include me to be ludicrously broad. I smash his guitar against the wall. But I'm tired and grumpy.

And that dam'ed nerve in my neck is killing me, so I can't get the gumption to work up a proper rant. So I'll default to my last rant on the subject, which did not meet universal approval, either...

What do you think?