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June 24, 2006

Loose lips sink ships.

La Malkin has suggested Photoshopping WWII posters to reflect the Current Security Threat.

Inspired by the call to action, SWWBO's fellow Cotillionite Darleen offers up some of her own.

Which, of course, made me fire up Photoshop, too.

Gotta admit - some posters don't need to change.

Others, take very little effort at all. Like this one:

Islamofascist Cross

...while still managing to incorporate an image that should annoy the Islamofascist.

Some took more work, for a lot less return on the investment.

Then there's the one where I was too clever by half and it failed, miserably.

The most effective (and most likely to piss people on both sides off, for different reasons, was this one:

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Cassandra goes after it in her own way.