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June 23, 2006

The Story of Creation - Militant


….And In The Beginning there was Infantry, the Queen of Battle, and there was chaos in the universe, for the Infantry was alone. And there were huge monsters and creatures and other evil things, all of which could devour the Infantry.

And Fear was with the Infantry, and they wept unto the Lord, saying, “Lord, save us, for we are afraid!”

And the Lord harkened unto their pleas, and set certain of them upon beasts of burden, donkeys and jackasses and mules, and these the Lord called Cavalry.

The Infantry and the Cavalry looked about themselves at the very scary world the Lord had created and together they wept unto the Lord saying, “Lord, save us, for we are afraid.”

And the Lord pondered, and saw that Infantry and Cavalry are as babes, and the Lord made to allay their weeping and lamentation, for it was annoying.

The Lord spake unto them, saying, “Lo, and behold, for I bring unto you a noble race of men, keen of eye and wit, with great strength of head and heart and hand, and with courage and spirit undaunted,” and the Lord created Field Artillery and named it The King of Battle.

And the Lord said, “The King shall light the darkness of your goblin-filled night and you shall tremble before him, and when you need smoke, there shall be smoke, and when you need it to rain down death and destruction upon the enemy, then too you shall have it. Just remember to duck."

And the Lord gave unto the Artillery, to be their own, great guns and huge shells, wondrously wrought, and Rockets to Shoot Deep.

The Infantry and Cavalry beheld these things, and as sheep in the fold are wont, knelt before the Artillery and their Pieces, and the Lord was pleased. So were the Redlegs.

And the Infantry and Cavalry said "The Lord must truly love the Artillery to have given them such Kewl Stuff!"

And the Lord said from above, “Check.”

And now abideth in harmony, Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery, but the greatest of these is the Artillery.

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H/t Gwedd, for reminding me about this and giving it to me in digits, saving me having to scan the copy from my OBC files.