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June 19, 2006

Ha! Bill only *claims* to have an easy Whatziss...

This one really is - and sets the tone for my theme this week (assuming my client doesn't flog me like a Brit sailor stealing grog by trying to get 6 weeks out of me in two weeks (we're going to have a one month break as this contract ends before the new one picks up where we leave off...)

So, to give yourself a break from Bill's conundrum - Whatziss?


There is a group among you (two, actually) who have a really unfair advantage.

And, as far as I know - this is the first picture of this type on the 'net...

Update. Wrong. Now there's two pictures. Y'all need some help. Bill's gonna slap himself when he finally sees the light. Unlike me, if we ever figure out what Bill's gizmo is...

Anudder update:

So, revealed! A Circle, Aiming, M1, of WWII vintage.

So, the Mistress of Argghhh! spanks the boys - and especially the two former artillerymen, Bill and Frank, who have *no* excuse. Bill especially. I *know* that Bill has 'Taken the azimuth of Fire Out of the Orienting Line' (TFOOL) and 'Subtracted the Azimuth of fire from the Declination constant' (SAD), taken the resultant number, applied it to the Upper (recording) motion, turned the Lower (non-recording motion) to either sight on the stake that marks the Orienting Line, or, in this case, 'floated the needle' to align the site on magnetic North, to then, using the Upper (recording) motion to sight on the panoramic telescope of base piece, while giving the command "Battery Adjust, this instrument, Refer!"

Frank might not have gotten that far, so we'll give him only a minor downcheck.

That's what a floating needle looks like through that little window as you are alinging your aiming circle (director, in Commonwealth usage) to magnetic north. The fact that the needle isn't level, nor aligned on the reticle is a function of how sensitive the needle is to my honking great big watchband.