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June 18, 2006

Old pilots, bold pilots...

What's odd about this pic?

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If you want to see it a little clearer - click here.

Just in case you really aren't clear... click here.

Yep. That's a B-52 doing a low(!)-level flyby of an aircraft carrier.

It only looks like its about to dive into the ocean.

One of the odd things about the B-52 is that it flies in a nose down attitude in level flight.

Just like all three aircraft in this pic are in level flight.

I'll let the aviators chime in and explain all the fiddly details.

I'm just impressed with that bomber pilot's need to impress the Navy.

We may never be able to win another war because of flaccid political will/extreme dumb-a$$ decisions among the politicians or the failure of the political class to convince the People the benefits outweigh the costs - but we're not going to lose one on the battlefield as long we're willing to to compete internally like this.

Regardless of what you excessively purple people think.