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June 17, 2006

Project Valour-IT - Wrap up.

Well done!

The totals are in - $18,265

Not bad, not bad at all for spur-of-the-moment, low pressure effort!

More importantly, we scored some intriguing opportunities to pursue on the celebrity and near-celebrity front, so that's cool too.

We didn't beat National Review Online, ($19, 550 when I hit "post") but I don't know what their last night at midnight total was, either.

In other words - all y'all done good! We eliminated the backlog of 11 laptops, and have money (and in-kind laptop donations) to handle the new needs that will inevitably pop-up.

And it's all due to your efforts - as bloggers and as contributors!

For those who scored cluebats, we'll probably start production on those next week, and I'll be hitting you up for snail-mail addresses if I don't have them already.

Of course, we're taking donations 24/7 should you suddenly find a wad of cash you don't know what use to put it to! Just click the graphic below!

And you can still score Grim's Stetson!

Work with us - donate!

Feel free to join us! And those of you who already have - thank you ever so much!

(Feel free to swipe the roll-code)

(If you are a supporting blog and aren't listed - drop me a note!)