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June 16, 2006

Project Valour-IT - LAST DAY!

This post will be up high all day - new stuff comes in below.

Hey! It's Payday! So shave off a little green to Project Valour-IT!

From yesterday:

Weekend 2214.11
Monday 2475
Tuesday 3801
Wednesday 5850.00
Thursday 2080

Total $16,420.

Interesting note: As of the time of that update, we were ahead of National Review Online and their week-long fundraiser. This morning, as I hit "post" on this, they're at $16,915.

So - for those of you who like a little competition - how about we set our goal to *Beat* NRO's fundraising totals? Just for the bragging rights? Something I can drop in Jonah's coffee tomorrow morning?


It's not like it's not for a Good Cause.

So, the fundraising for Project Valour-IT continues today - and ends tonight in terms of blogging it - until the Big Push this fall. This was just a raid to warm everybody up and refine the TTPs.

Please click on the graphic below - and give up a little beer/winecooler/pack of cigarettes/movie rental money (or more, like Blackhawk!) to help the wounded re-connect to their wired lives. At this point - I'm just wanting to stay ahead of NRO!

Work with us - donate!

Feel free to join us! And those of you who already have - thank you ever so much!

(Feel free to swipe the roll-code)

(If you are a supporting blog and aren't listed - drop me a note!)