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June 14, 2006

Project Valour-IT update.

New stuff comes in below.

I'll avoid a sense of tartness, given the *tens* of thousands of readers of the participating blogs (even allowing for a huge overlap) - but the 97 (as of yesterday evening) of you who've donated thus far - You Rock, Baby!

The goal was at least $7260 to clear the current backlog of laptop requests.

We're there!

Fuzzy reports:

97 donations since Friday Weekend 2144.11 Monday 2475 Tuesday 3801 Total: 8420.11

Nice trend, too.

But of course, we aren't done. Why? Because, well, there's a coupla thousand of you who haven't availed yourselves of this opportunity, of course.

And it's the Army's Birthday. And Flag Day.

It's also the anniversary of...

1936 Oranienburg Concentration Camp opens
1940 Nazis open a concentration camp at Auschwitz

Something the Army, along with all the other services and our Allies, helped to disestablish, at no small cost to all concerned. As we did Saddam. And Milosevic, Noriega, And no, it wasn't always easy, nor fair, and certainly not perfect.

But, while we've raised enough to meet the immediate need, this war is still a hot one, the casualties are still coming. This request (above and beyond the 11) arrived yesterday from Brooke Army Medical Center, at Fort Sam Houston:

Female army SSG with hand injury (we've only had two or three female requests). Two fingers amputated. As Chuck can testify, that means additional damage to the hand and months of limited use.

So, the fundraising for Project Valour-IT continues. Please click on the graphic below - and give up a little beer/winecooler/pack of cigarettes/movie rental money (or more, like Blackhawk!) to help the wounded re-connect to their wired lives.

Jump at the Chance, eh?

And join these fine people, who are all doing their bit, too.

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(If you are a supporting blog and aren't listed - drop me a note!)

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