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June 13, 2006

Project Valour-IT

New stuff comes in below this post.

Consider your young soldier of today. Wired. Connected. So used to using keyboards they can thumb-type faster than I can type in a regular way - and I'm pretty good, actually.

Then take away a hand, or the use of it. Or both. Or her eyes.

Then you've got that sullen fellow sitting in that chair up there.

Or, you can give a little of yourself, just a tiny bit - a 6 pack worth of beer is fine. Or soda if you don't drink. If 130 of you who read this space regularly (vice those who've given already this time 'round, natch) give $5 each - that's a voice-activated laptop. The Cluebat Clique (8 people who gave $100 and counting) have already funded one.

How 'bout you make this possible for another wounded warrior of any service to get connected again? Captain Chuck Ziegenfuss was a deployed milblogger who nearly lost his hand in an IED attack. Project Valour-IT, brainchild of Chuck and Fuzzybear Lioness, let Chuck blog again.

Chuck's much better now, and can use a regular computer - but his voice-activated laptop helped him along the path to recovery.

Think I'm blowing smoke? While milbloggers don't cite the BBC approvingly all that often - that makes this story all the more interesting.

C'mon. $5. Tax-deductible.

Cluebats: For those with deeper pockets, there's only 10,9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! bats left (by the way, you don't have to leave the receipt in a comment - email contact is fine for those who prefer to keep things to themselves) to qualify for a Castle Argghhh Cluebat Clique membership!

Donate here, or click the graphic up top.

And I'm gonna harass ya until I get those last two Cluebats spoken for.

All original ten have been spoken for. But... since the laptops cost $660 with shipping, and we've come up with $1000 for readers of Castle Argghhh!, I'll put up three more - so we can get *two* with some change left over. Thanks guys!

I've already used up two of those three. Heck with it - *everybody* who puts in $100 (with receipt) today will get one.

Just sayin'.

Update: AFSis sez "My post is up today... and yes, I've made my donation. It's not "cluebat" worthy, but it's all I could spare."

I say - If you gave all you could spare, you gave more than most!

Here's a list of those blogs supporting this drive (that we know about - if you aren't listed, lemme know!)

Mudville Gazette
The Armorer at Castle Argghhh!
Da Goddess
Boston Maggie
Small Town Veteran
Righty in a Lefty State
Homefront Six
One Marine's View
A Rose By Any Other Name
AFSis at My Side of the Puddle.
The Countervailing Force.
Thoughts by Seawitch
The Cool Blue Blog
High Desert Wanderer
Silent Running
My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Blue Star Chronicles

*These things are hand-made, so it'll take a coupla weeks to get 'em done and delivered - just letting ya know! But they *are* kewl. Small bats, emblazoned with the Imperial Armory logo, suitable for helping people "Get a clue!"

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