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June 13, 2006

H&I* Fires 13 Jun 06

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With apologies to our Canadian brethren, that means you Al, but I couldn't help but experience a bit of schadenfreude over this NYT story.
Where have we seen this type of blame our captors for everything and a bag of chips before?

There's not a doubt in my mind that the Canadians are treating these suspects with the utmost respect and civility. But that doesn't matter to the suspects, who, if they are terrorists, are wagging a battle in the media for the fertile ground between the ears though. Just a little schadenfreude, and maybe a question of our Northern Cousins that maybe they ought to re-examine they're condemnations of the US over accusations of general prisoner mistreatment.

It's part of the play book. Find that which is an outrage morally and politically. Then push that weakness for all its worth to win your battle for shaping political will. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't find this in Mao's Little Red Book.


Fitzmas fizzles for the Kossacks and Delta-Uniformers... The world is now safe for Rovian plots to continue to undermine all that is Great and Good. I blame Bush.

Rove’s fate has been the subject of intense discussion among critics of the Bush administration. Perhaps foremost among them is former ambassador Joseph Wilson, whose wife, Valerie Plame Wilson, was the CIA employee at the center of the affair. In August 2003, Wilson vowed to pursue Rove vigorously, saying, “At the end of the day it’s of keen interest to me to see whether or not we can get Karl Rove frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs.”

So sorry, Mr. Wilson. You'll just have to make do with all the celeb status you enjoyed while this farce went on. Note to self: If White House calls, say "No," unless it's of earth-shattering importance. Little else is worth the inevitable slime.

Fatah goes after Hamas/Hamas goes after Fatah and none dare call it Civil War. It's just "symbolic acts".

It was a symbolic attack on Haniyeh, who is unable to visit Ramallah due to Israeli travel bans and so holds court in Gaza.

Redefines "rough and tumble politics," eh?

Interesting essay in the LA Times which lays out some of the tensions facing US troops in Iraq - and lays bare the whole difficulty of having an Army trained for Total War engaged in a fight that is less than total. I admit it - I'd rather go take down machinegun nests than enter politics in any significant manner other than what I do now.

Michael Newdow suffers defeat. Yay! The man's a buffoon.

SWWBO is near Tampa this week. With memories of last hurricane season still sharp, the local news, to her, seems a bit "over the top"

The Citizens of San Francisco are temporarily stymied and will perhaps, if we're lucky, secede and become their own nation, that they may better regulate each other's lives! -The Armorer


Lex takes on Daniel Schorr. I'm afraid I quit listening to him (and donating to NPR) years ago. Lex is tougher than I am. -The Armorer


Any one out there for some serious Paint Ball Action? - BOQ


APoohcalypse Now. You're welcome. -The Armorer


*A term of art from the artillery. Harassment and Interdiction Fires.

Back in the day, when you could just kill people and break things without a note from a lawyer, they were pre-planned, but to the enemy, random, fires at known gathering points, road junctions, Main Supply Routes, assembly areas, etc - to keep the bad guy nervous that the world around him might start exploding at any minute.

Not really relevant to today's operating environment, right? But, it *is*

The UAVs we fly over Afghanistan and Pakistan looking for targets of opportunity are a form of H&I fires, if you really want to parse it finely. We just have better sensors and fire control now.

I call the post that because it's random things posted by me and people I've given posting privileges to that particular topic. It's also an open trackback, so if (Don Surber uses it this way a lot) someone has a post they're proud of, but it really isn't either Castle kind of stuff, or topical to a particular post, I've basically given blanket permission to use that post for that purpose. Another term of art that might be appropriate is "Free Fire Zone".