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June 05, 2006

H&I Fires* 5 June 06

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Still a busy week in history.

1942 Midway: B-17s attack Japanese ships, with no effect, despite
press. Heh. We took pictures.
1947 Secretary of State George C Marshall outlines the "Marshall Plan"
1967 The Six Day War begins between Israel & its Arab neighbors
1984 Indira Gandhi orders attack on holiest Sikh shrine, the Golden Temple. The Sikhs are still *very* annoyed about this.
-The Armorer


A lot of things going on in the world, beyond our little contretemps. Did you know that there has been nearly a week of freedom protests in Iran? That the Chinese in Hong Kong held a commemoration of the Tianneman Square incident (though government agents insured none took place in the actual sqaure)? That the Peruvians rejected their Chavista candidate and voted in a free market fellow after Chavez threatened the voters with reprisals for not voting for his associate? Read "Freedom is the Fire" for links (video included).

Speaking of Chavez, he's pushing forward with "Land Reform" (ie, land theft) and the owners aren't really happy. History tells us that, when socialist and Communist totalitarians begin land distribution, the usual outcome is "submission by starvation". - Kat


Ladies and Gentlemen, I say unto you: Jack Francis. -The Armorer


Greg and Sher need help manipulating, er... uh... MANUEVERING through Tri-Care to get Greg the chemo treatments he needs. This is a call to arms for all of you military types who've been through the military medical system recently! Oh. And while you're there... take time to appreciate things like waterproof mascara. ~AFSis


Some illegal immigration barriers DO work...
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Here're the particulars:

Bad news:
Both guys were drunk
Both guys were high
Drugs were found in the vehicle
A gun was found in the vehicle
Neither were wearing their seat belts...and I'm not so sure the airbag worked on the drivers side (I have another picture from the driver's side but I can't get it to load but, trust me, I think the steering wheel's gonna leave a mark on his cranium.)
Deceleration distance was approximately 18 inches (decel from ~50MPH to 0 MPH--do the math), and...wait for it...

Both were illegals from Mexico

It gets better--this is one of the entry gates to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (Center of the Universe for Hog drivers) in Tucson, AZ.

Good news:
The driver will be arrested once he's out of intensive care
The passenger was treated and eventually deported to a MEXICAN hospital (!!!)
The East Tac Range probably has a new target.

John McCain, call your office...heh -Instapilot

*A term of art from the artillery. Harassment and Interdiction Fires.

Back in the day, when you could just kill people and break things without a note from a lawyer, they were pre-planned, but to the enemy, random, fires at known gathering points, road junctions, Main Supply Routes, assembly areas, etc - to keep the bad guy nervous that the world around him might start exploding at any minute.

Not really relevant to today's operating environment, right? But, it *is*

The UAVs we fly over Afghanistan and Pakistan looking for targets of opportunity are a form of H&I fires, if you really want to parse it finely. We just have better sensors and fire control now.

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