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June 04, 2006


Sinking Sun Griffith Baily Coale #28 Oil on canvas, 1942 88-188-AB A Marine stands at parade rest on the bow of a PT boat as she moves slowly out to sea from Midway to give decent burial to Japanese fliers shot down on the islands during the battle. The red ball of the rising sun is prophetically repeated by the round disc and spreading rays of the sinking sun.<br />

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Midway. I haven't found any of the Usual Suspects with posts, so I'll have to handle it myself.

Ensign George Gay, someone you should know.

Lex - this link's for you.

Salamander - this link's for you and your surface warrior focus.

Chap - this link's for you and your submariner focus.

74 - it's the sailors who do the work, and the bulk of the dying. This link's for you.

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Some sailors finally woke up, I see. Late sleepers on a Sunday. As is proper, they did a more thorough job.

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