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May 23, 2006

Project Valour-IT.

Fox News ran a webstory yesterday, dating from the Milblog conference, that highlighted Denizenne Fuzzybear Lioness' role in Project Valour-IT - the voice-activated laptops for wounded troops.

Fuzzy virtually denies it, and hides behind her fluttering fan here.

I left this comment on her post - which I am putting here because she *can't* delete it.

Heh. Don't believe her, folks.

Sure, Chuck Ziegenfuss and his wife Carren were involved. But Chuck said, publicly, that Beth was the force that made it happen. After all, Chuck was wounded, couldn't type that well and was on some pretty good drugs. So Fuzzy caught that lateral and took off downfield. Matt, Lex, and I made the mistake of being in her way.

She's the one who kidnapped Matt, Lex (who even as we speak is corrupting Denizennes Brab and BCR while whining and dining in Seattle) and I, took us to an undisclosed location, and tickled us with feathers and schmeared chocolate on us until we agreed to be her blogslaves and do her bidding for Valour-IT.

Matt and I just did what we were taught in SERE School - survive. Lex spilled his guts and cried like a baby.

Oh, sure, the Great Folks at Soldier's Angels were a big help, as were (and are) all the volunteers, whether live and in person, or fiscally and digitally via the blogs.

But Beth was the driving force, make no mistake.

And anything she says to the contrary is just embarrassing drivel designed to throw you off the scent.

She's the heroine.

Don't let her fool you.

Because when you watch the moving hand, the other one will slip into your heart and empty your wallet for Valour-IT.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

BTW - when was the last time you dipped into your beer/chai money and sent some to Project Valour-IT? Memorial Day is coming up - that sounds like a ready-made holiday to use as an excuse.

Skip a 6-pack this weekend, and send that money instead to Project Valour-IT by clicking on the Cox and Forkum cartoon below. Or skip that Magnum of Mouton-Cadet you were thinking about. Or that keg. Have burgers instead of filets... you know what to do.


Doncha feel better already?