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May 22, 2006

Yo, MSM-bubbas!

Ry comments thusly on the Jesse MacBeth story:

THe pogue: Makes me wonder what these reporters are doing. van Stanwyk has a point. Why aren't major news orgs tapping into the veterans for fact checking and the like on these types of stories? I wouldn't know to what to look into to double check the guys story either, but John apparently ended this whole thing in 3 minutes without having to do a photo analysis(like at B-5). The fact that they don't makes me laugh SO hard when they talk about 'diversity in the newsroom'.

To which I reply:

...about the MSM, several reasons come to mind.

1. The story supported the reporter's conscious or subconscious thesis, so what checking is required? It sounded right, right?

2. The MSM is still leery of blogs that are not "their own kind".

3. Heck, the PAOs are leery of us. I got into a credentialing discussion with a PAO on just that issue. Who vets the milblogs? The PAO can blame Fox/MSNBC/CBS etc for their journalists. They can only blame themselves if they come to us.

4. That said, there are some milblogs that have good reps, certainly. It wouldn't hurt the MSM to ask. But let's face it - about the last thing they want to do is become beholden to us on the right - because then they'd get savaged from the left, a place many of them are more comfortable with.

That said - reporters are free to ask me for info on background. I can at least point them in whatever direction they ought to head for some fact checking.

I'm also available for photo analysis... of course the process I went through there might not give them too much comfort, since I changed my mind when I realized I had gotten target-fixated... of course, I publish my corrections a bajillion times faster than they do theirs...