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May 21, 2006

New Whatziss? Challenge.

In the tradition started by Owen, another guest "Whatziss" this time provided by Murray, of Silent Running.

Mind you - I'm clueless on this. Murray is a former soldier of New Zealand, who now works on the worthy goal of eradicating Gnomelessness. He's also working on a new house plaque for Castle Argghhh! which we anticipate will be rather kewl. Ah, our ego knows no bounds!

Anyway - here's the object in question:

What the bleedin' helk izzis?

Another view.

The gridded background in the shots are 10mm squares, btw.

And the rather cryptic clue Murray provided...

What is it, why did it cost $15,000 to replace and what sort of "wings" did I earn doing it?
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