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May 21, 2006

I'll take two, please.

Via Coast Guard Dad Larry comes this! The Armorer can buy what passes for a Castle here in the States!!!

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And while it *is* in New York, the Armorer could indulge himself by keeping an eye on those tricksy syrup-eating Canajuns, while at the *same time* trying to scarf up sufficient land on the Canadian side of this tract to build an Annex to hold Canadian early-spec deactivated weapons, which are *much* kewler and complete than their American counter-parts. Not to mention that you don't *have* to deactivate artillery and such up there, and stuff like that is a *lot* cheaper in Canada than in the US... so the holdings of the Arsenal could expand - *and* be displayed in... a Castle! Not too mention it's at the end of a 700 foot causeway, so the parties wouldn't disturb the neighbors. Too much. The shooting might... but we could build a range on the Castle grounds that would be safe enough, I think. Oh frabjous day!

Well, okay, the artillery would present a challenge, but the lake looks pretty empty in the pic, donnit?

There's just the problem of that dang lottery ticket, now.