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May 18, 2006


With the death in combat of Captain Goddard fresh in their minds and the news, the Canadian Parliament last night voted to extend the Canadian Forces commitment to the GWOT for two years, though not without some, er, rancor and the usual politics (just like we do).

Good on 'em.

A commenter on Damian's post of Captain Goddard had this to say:

Observor69 said... It behoves Mr.Harper to allow parliament an appropriate amount of time to discuss reasonable questions that arise in approving the deployment of our personal for another two years. No one that I am aware of lacks a desire to "support our troops" rather there is a desire to act in their best interests. As was stated this issue should stand above politics.

True enough - though I caveat that thusly:

Observor69: Canada's Parliament, on this issue, I would think should not "act in their best interests" if the interest in question is that of the soldiers.

They should act in Canada's best interest. The two are not automatically congruent.

The issue in question is far greater than that of the health and welfare of the soldiers.

Just ask the guys who waded ashore at Juno, or Omaha.

Emphasis added.

Girl On The Right nails it, I think.

The newspapers today have screaming headlines about how a woman was killed in combat. Where are the feminists, now? Just like there are no athiests in the foxhole, there are no women on the battlefield. She ceased being a woman on the day she first saw action. She became a soldier.

Someone lost their daughter, but Canada lost a soldier.

Regardless, a moment of Gunner Zen. In honor of "Captain Nic".

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Update: In re Ry's comment below - here is Alan's post on the subject.