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May 16, 2006

What planet does Arlen Specter come from? Will someone please tell me?

The ONLY military organization authorized to participate in law enforcement is the National Fargin' Guard.

This guy is on the Judiciary Committee and he hasn't heard of Posse Comitatus?

As you know, I'm a simple attack pilot but 2 years in mufti with the DEA did teach me a few things about what the military can, and cannot, do vis-a-vis law enforcement inside US territory.

The Guard is legally positioned very well to assist law enforcement organizations in a number of ways. Under Title 32, they belong to the Governor. Period. Dot. Granted, they live and die budget-wise based on their Federal active duty brethren's' largesse, but they rightfully and jealously guard their independence under that Title for just the reason Bush pointed out tonight. Been there. Watched 'em do that. Got the cap (they weren't selling t-shirts, just baseball caps).

Is this move an effective one? Who the hell knows? It certainly can't hurt and the Border Patrol types will get access to some pretty cosmic surveillance capabilities, tactical airlift, communications interoperability and the like.

What I find morbidly fascinating is the conservative movement (Republican or whatever) gnawing off its leg to teach itself a lesson. All the hand-wringing I've seen in posts all over the blogsphere lately just make me want to give everyone a swift kick. Where I won't say.

How is throwing up one's hands in disgust over what is very normal politics (compromise, giving a little to get a little, etc. etc.) good for the America we all love and want to protect?

Michelle Malkin banging her shoe on the table; WFB doing his best to convince us all is for naught in Iraq; John Derbyshire essentially saying "Bugger the silly wogs."

Feh. Pathetic.

Somebody had better listen to John "Consider the Alternatives, You Idiots" Podhoretz before you find out what defeat really, really means. We should all hitch up our britches and stay in the fray, send money selectively to conservative candidates (not the RNC) and vote. I put my big, fat pink body in harm's way for that privilege for 26 years and I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit on my a$$ and let Murtha, Conyers, Schumer, Leahy and Hillary march in and trash what too goddamn many of my friends died for.

Come November, people had better be making tracks to the voting booth.