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May 12, 2006

The metal of the troops.

I got an email today, from a friend who's friend's son recently served in Iraq, and was involved in an IED incident some time ago.

I wish I could bust OPSEC and show you the names in the email list this young troop sent this note to. You aspiring novel writers would like to know them for your OIF/OEF/GWOT novel.

But ths is typical (for me at least) soldier email (with some edits for OPSEC and Netnannys):

I aint much for words but God Da*n someday my lucks gonna run out, here's the truck, [deleted]'s in one of the pics hes a good dude, but damn the luck those IEDS are tricky little f*ckers. Yall take care


-"You guys don't get PTSD, you GIVE it.. You're carriers. Some jihadist is going to be waking up with a cold sweat 30 years from now having nightmares about YOU."- [deleted]

Troop morale

Photo edited by me to meet Army OPSEC guidelines of name, rank, unit, face, and revealing damage to HMMWV to deny useful BDA by the jihadis. The fact that someone in a HMMWV somewhere survived an attack isn't news.

What the jihadis should take away from this post: They're still coming. And they, and the Sunnis who hate you even more than they may hate the Americans, are your worst nightmare. Sleep well, fellas. Oh, what was that noise?