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May 10, 2006

More news that isn't news because it's good news...

By Capt. Bob Everdeen
CJTF-HOA Public Affairs

DIKHIL, Djibouti – Cooperation between the government of Djibouti and the Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa has resulted in a refurbished facility here that will help improve healthcare opportunities for the local community.

During a dedication ceremony May 4 for the Mouloud Clinic, representatives from Djibouti and CJTF-HOA spoke about what the clinic represents.

“This clinic is more than mortar and paint; it represents the relationship between CJTF-HOA and Djibouti,” said Army Col. William Porter. “(We) are partners for peace, prosperity, security and a better way of life.”

Speaking to a crowd of families, community leaders and dignitaries, Porter relayed a vision for the future.

“Quality medical care equals longer life for you and your children,” he said. “Healthy children and citizens are vital to the future prosperity of your community.”

Working together, CJTF-HOA and local contractors and laborers constructed a maternity ward, waiting rooms and a storage facility at the Mouloud Clinic. They also renovated the existing clinic, repairing windows, doors, interior spaces and sidewalks. The project cost approximately $95,000, which included demolishing a wall and fence and building a new one that surrounds the clinic.

“Taking care of (this clinic) and preserving it is a big responsibility,” Porter said. “We honor the community, doctors, nurses and staff with this task.”

The reception provided to the men and women of CJTF-HOA by the community was first-class, Porter said. “Thank you for allowing us to help and work with you on this noble task.”