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May 07, 2006

The Zarqawi Video... a slightly different look.

Lex has the link some good words, and great commentary.

Here's the note I sent Lex, because I think it cuts to the chase.

I didn't want to harsh the mellow, so I didn't leave a comment on your Billy Blooper post.

Heh. Wonder how the CNO would do with a SAW?

Un-coached, mind you. Which he wouldn't dare do on camera. Which *is* part of the difference.

Or me in an F/A-18? But I know *exactly* how to send you to where I need you to splash that bird or drop that ordnance. Just as you know exactly how to get me to take my brigade someplace and do rude things. Even if you couldn't do it yourself.

I got the point, and I love the vid. And with the face-loving society they live in, showing the vid was important.

As was our mocking it.

But the little bit of me that's been shot at is reminded that Zarqawi types don't usually do the shooting.

They give the orders.

The guy who burned his hand made me feel better.

He's *us*.

And *that* is a big part of the difference.