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May 05, 2006

Now hear this.

[This post will be up top all day, because I want to make sure everybody gets a chance to read it. New stuff comes in below here.]

And I mean it, people.

This would be a Cease and Desist order, except it would imply that I gave an "Execute" order.

While SWWBO and I appreciate the loyal support of our readers (and the cautionary advice, as well) there are limits to how I will conduct my blogspat with Debbie Schlussel.

I was bcc'd this note this morning, from someone who is trying to be *supportive* of SWWBO and I in our little blogspat with Ms. Schlussel:

Enjoy your tea today?

Maybe you and Joe Wilson could book passage on a ship for Niger. I hear the cake is yellow, like your spine.

Quit bullying my friends, Deb.

You want a war? You'll get a war. Only I fight by the old rules.

In other words, I always win.

You can take my life, but you'll never take my freedom.

The next time you threaten a lawsuit against one of my friends, your home address goes up on every jihad website from here to Tehran. Along with the Google Maps versions of 8X10 color glossies with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back explaining each one.


I did *not* ask for this kind of thing, I do *not* endorse this, and I'm telling you if this is how you intend to show support for SWWBO and I...


This.isn' While it may have been satisfying to send, and you may think it no lower than dropping the threat of a lawsuit every time a dog barks, as far as I am concerned, it *is* worse than the threat of a lawsuit. I don't fight my fights this way. I like a good rant, and clever invective - but I prefer reasoned argument and don't sink to this level. Sure, we're not as entertaining, but it also keeps the moonbat population down.

It's unacceptable conduct. I have no authority other than moral here - but I am mustering all of that that I have. Any of you. Ever. This is *not* the behavior I have built this space for. I don't tolerate that kind of stuff here, and I will not tolerate it being done in my name. In the post below about Mayor Bostick and his illegal holding on the money of the dead Marine, I told everybody to be polite.

Like this:

If you choose to contact the individuals or city, do so in a polite, civil manner. [Don't bother them, the message has been recieved] The Armorer does not approve of spittle-flecked rantings - especially at people who are only tangentially involved by association, and not direct action. For the record - be polite to the Mayor, too. Even if he does seem to be the villain here.

And later, this:

That doesn't mean we shouldn't gently and politely remind Mr. Mayor Bostick to follow through - and that means we need to follow-up. A gentle heat, that would be "simmer" on your blog-stove.

That is how it is done at Castle Argghhh!!!.


Because what you have really done is kill all the fun I was going to have with it. I had some nice graphics (all original artwork) that was going to play the satire and parody card.

Now they are going into storage. Because that's about the only way *I* have to cut this off at the knees.

For the record - I don't *ever* need that kind of support, and if I change my mind, I'll let you know.

Don't hold your breath.