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May 03, 2006

Let's test the Army PAO system.

Let's test the Army.

Read the press release below.


May 2, 2006
Release A060502a

Iraqi Army battalion to assume authority in Sinjar

TAL AFAR, Iraq – May 3 will mark a historic day in Western Ninevah Province as 3rd Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Iraqi Army Division assumes the lead in security operations in and around Sinjar. The ceremony will serve as the latest example of the increased Iraqi Army role in providing security to the people of Iraq .

The 3rd Battalion has proven itself to be a skilled and professional fighting force and is confident in its ability to handle its increased responsibility. After completing a number of successful missions in conjunction with U.S. forces, the battalion recently planned and executed an extensive independent cordon and search operation that demonstrated the capabilities of the battalion.

On behalf of the 3rd Battalion, accredited media representatives are invited to the ceremony. Following the ceremony, media will be provided the opportunity for a brief question and answer session with Iraqi Army leadership.

Please contact the 1st Brigade 1st Armored Division PAO, 1LT Will Bardenwerper, if you are interested in attending. He can be reached at .

If you've got questions, send them to me. I've asked ILT Bardenwerper if he will entertain mail-in questions from bloggers, and of course cc'd his bosses on the request.

I'm guessing the final answer will be "no" - but we gotta ask, don't we? I'll pass the results of this interaction on to the CENTCOM PAO and ask them to add something like this to their burgeoning doctrine and policy development.