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May 02, 2006

Stupid Criminal Tricks and a Ripley's Moment.

Seattle, April 26...

A highly improbable shot left an officer's bullet in the cylinder of a gunman's revolver, and police say it's a pretty clear sign that the officers who shot the man faced a deadly threat.

"Physically, it is impossible to conclude anything other than the fact the suspect was pointing directly at the officers," Deputy Chief Clark Kimerer said Wednesday, adding, "I've not seen anything quite like that in my 24 years."

Photos courtesy Seattle PD

Investigators have learned from at least one witness that the man had said earlier in the evening that he would draw his weapon if confronted by police. Police had said earlier that he was recently released from a substance abuse treatment center, but Wednesday Kimerer said he could not confirm that.

Heh. Suicide by cop, then. Effectively. Waste of a life, waste of a nice serviceable Colt pistol, tricked out for target shooting (certainly not a good carry piece). Looking at that, have to wonder if it was stolen. Not your usual choice of weapon of the crimnal class. And probably good center-of-mass shooting by at least one of the cops.

The whole story is here. Well, whole Seattle PI story. There's actually a *lot* of story not covered, but this is the initial report, and their probably won't be a follow on.