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April 29, 2006

Some good one liners in the midst of the DoS attack.

We're collateral damage, not the target. Silly buggers. The message is *still* out there, via Google. All this has done is give me a reason to fire up Photoshop.

The one liners...

Some new, some old. The cyber-jihadis farking around with Castle Argghhh!'s infrastructure should take note of Number 1.

"Creating smoking holes (with bombs) gives our lives meaning and enhances our manliness." LTC (EUCOM) at a CT conference

"Eventually, we have to 'make nice' with the French, although, since I'm new in my job, I have every expectation that I'll be contradicted."
Dept of State rep at a Counter Terrorism Conference

"Everyone should have an equal chance, but not everyone is equal."

"You can get drunk enough to do most anything, but you have to realize going in that there are some things that, once you sober up and realize what you have done, will lead you to either grab a 12-gauge or stay drunk for the rest of your life."

"Once you accept that a dog is a dog, you can't get upset when it barks." Lt Col (USSOCOM)

"That guy just won't take 'yes' for an answer." MAJ (EUCOM)

"Let's just call Lessons Learned what they really are: institutionalized scab picking."

"I can describe what it feels like being a Staff Officer in two words: distilled pain." CDR (NAVEUR)

"When all else fails, simply revel in the absurdity of it all." LCDR

"Never attribute to malice that which can be ascribed to sheer stupidity." LTC (CENTCOM)

The worst that has happened? I spent time with SWWBO I would otherwise have spent at the keyboard... beat me with that stick.

Oh, and Castle Argghhh! has probably been robbed of our chance to break 80K visits for the month by the Wahabist hosers.

Ha! I don't sell ads, dudes, Ya didn't cost me a dime, and Hosting Matters will probably rebate some of the month's charges even.

However here we sit, bloody but unbowed, bruised but unbroken, still balefully glaring out at you sitting on top of a heap of skulls and shouting out to the world:

Wahabism Delenda Est!

Put that in your hookah and smoke it, hosers.