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April 28, 2006

Speaking of Generals Colonels.

Let's talk about Colonel Janis Karpinski and what this wretched example of the Officer Corps is up to.

She has a book out. One Woman's Army. I haven't read it, I'm not sure I'll have the stomach to wade through it. I might have to go see if the local library has it, as I'm not sure I want to contribute to the financial health of this pathetic example of an officer totally unable to accept responsibility for her failures in command. Mind you, even though we finally have a LTC being charged over Abu Ghraib, I'm *still* looking for more senior scalps to hang at the portcullis.

While I know nothing is going to happen to her for this - her book cover is, quite simply, wrong, and in that little, dark, vindictive corner of my soul, I wonder if it's chargeably so.

Karpinski is a Colonel. Not a General. And all her wishing to the contrary doesn't make it so. And, technically, she's never *been* a General, her promotion to same having been tainted by her failure to acknowledge her arrest for shoplifting while a Colonel. That event caused her promotion to be set-aside... as if it had never happened. Like it or not, in a very real legal sense, she has *never* been a General, and she certainly is not one now.

Ergo - *this* is what her book cover *should* look like.

COLONEL Janis Karpinski

And lest anyone have any doubt - I checked her AKO entry. Colonel.

I left the tagline to the book title unchanged. The story is right on the cover.

But I *will* accept a review copy, should the publisher (as the *brilliant* firms of Simon and Schuster and Regnery already do) wish to provide one...

Update: If you are coming in from the link, you really want to see this post. But you're welcome to hang around and poke in the corners.

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